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Distillation in the petroleum refinery is different from most distillation operations in two principal ways:

* Thousands of molecular species are present. The separations are roughly by molecular weight, thus yielding a differentiation of physical properties.

* In many cases, the distillation feed contains species of high molecular weight, which cannot be readily boiled in shell-and-tube heat exchangers such as those used in most distillation processes.

The first problem makes it difficult to predict distillation separations because the large number of species would overload computational systems. The problem is solved by first analyzing feed stocks by precision batch analytical distillation or equivalent gas chromatography. The stocks are then divided (on paper) into groups of narrow boiling-point range. As volatility is represented fairly accurately by atmospheric boiling point, each boiling-point range, e.g. 200-225°F, can be represented as a single pseudocomponent at the fraction's mean boiling point. Of course, in the lower boiling-point ranges, individual chemical species can be analyzed and entered as such into the distillation model.

Then the refinery distillation operation can be studied as a familiar multicomponent distilling calculational model. The second problem, providing reboil heat for heavy (high molecular weight) stocks, is handled by using fired heaters with short thermal exposure time to preheat the feedstocks. The distilling column is then set up primarily as a rectifying column with side-stripped draw streams to separate the products. Usually superheated steam is used to strip volatiles from each side-draw stream and the bottom product.

Less often the strippers may be reboiled. In some operations, the feed preheat may be supplied by a catalytic or thermal reactor. Product separation of the heaviest fractions can be carried further by reheating the bottoms from the first distillation and rectifying the distillate under vacuum. In the interest of concise presentation, this article will be primarily devoted to refinery distillation separations handled by the methods described above, with a brief discussion only of other separations that use mostly well-known general distillation processing methods.
Keywords: Distillation; Refining; Vacuum columns; Petroleum; Gasoline; Fuel oil; Cracking; Crude oil; Lubricating oil

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Chemical Compounder
About the Job

Job Requirements:
2-5 years experience working as a chemical compounder in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Health and Beauty Supplies, Chemical or related industries.
Working knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s).
Making batches of products following batch records.
Minor troubleshooting skills.
Computer skills such as Word and Excel.
Good Math skills and good verbal and written skills.
A team player with excellent interpersonal skills.

Job Description:
Making batches of products following batch records.
Sampling and dispensing raw materials.
Preparation of mixing vessels and equipment for production.
Washing and sanitizing equipment and compounding rooms.
Inventory control using computerized system.
Completion of batch records and documentation.
Minor troubleshooting of equipment.
Calibration of equipment

These are full time and permanent positions with great potential for advancement. It comes with a base salary, premiums, overtime and excellent fringe benefits.

The salary range for these positions depends on qualifications and experience: $37,000-$42,000 annually.

Key Words (batch maker, chemical operator, process operator, production technician)

Please forward resumes in confidence to KSR Personnel:
Fax: (416) 690-0849

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I've been listening to REM. it's an old pop music produccer with a high quality melody on its songs.. 

Well, i tried to compose something within this style. Its all guitar, drums, bass and piano. 

i recorded the guitar sound when i was playing it.  hope u like this. 

Guitar riff - outlex


I'm gonna use three (3) sentences about Trance Music.

1) A trance produccer has a great salary. 

In this sentence: The noun is "Trance Produccer", "GREAT" is quality Adjetive and the verb is "TO HAVE/HAS"

2) Trance Music is very hard and complex to do.

Where: Trance Music is the noun, the verb is "to be", very hard and complex are quality adjetives 

3) The sofwares used to easily compose trance music are called "Music Sequencers"

Here: Software is the noun, Compose is the verb and Easily is an Adverb

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Name: Alejandro Ricciulli
Date: 01/26/09

1.Could you please define Engineering in your own words?.
I believe it refers to aply all the scientific knowledges to certain process to improve its results. That process could be about any nature like Chemical, Mechanical, Electronic or industrial. Scientific develope new knowledges and engineers aply them.

2. What influenced you to pursue Electronics engineering, industrial ingeneering, computer science engineering or informatics engineering?
Actually none of them like me. I prefer Chemical or Mechanical Engineering.

3. Could you please describe the educational process required to become an Engineer?
All the engineerings need to be well prepared in the Mathematical Area. Thats one of the most important tools that any kind of engineer need to evalue or calculate anything. Beside the mathemcatical skills, physics are needed too.

4. What are the skills you need to be a good engineer?
Someone that always is updating its knoeledges

5. What job considerations were you looking for after you completed your education?

6. What's something of your school life that you enjoy the most?

7. from your perspective, what is the most difficult part of being an engineering student?

8. What are your plans for the future?

9. Point out your most personally gratifying moment in Engineering school.

10. Why would you recommend Engineering as a career?

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This is where i can show you my songs and you give me a comment about my work, "of course, only if you want to"

I'll be uploading short clips of my songs in this section so you can listen to them and tell my what you think about each song. 

My 1st Upload will be

Darbuka-> I gave it that name cuz the Drumloop i used was made with a drum with THAT name.. It's a progressive TRANCE song.. Tell me if you like this..

Darbuka - Outlex

see you around...